Jewish Lives Matter Coalition Birthed

Faith2Action Ministries is joined by Andrew Wommack’s Truth & Liberty Coalition, MorningStar Ministries, Patriot Mobile, Transformation Michigan, churches, and concerned individuals, in taking to the airways to stand with Israel.

The second banner will fly over UCLA today from 12:00 noon – 1:00 p.m. Pacific with the message: “JEWISH LIVES MATTER. US,” the new website of the pro-Israel coalition. It will then fly for another hour to proclaim our message of Jewish support over Hollywood.

“What started as an idea to stand with Israel has become a movement,” said Janet Porter, President of Faith2Action Ministries.

“Today’s banner exposes the hypocrisy of a racist movement on campuses that pretends to be against genocide while at the same time calling for it against Jewish people,” stated Porter. “Standing with terrorists on campus may be well-funded, but it will not be tolerated by a civilized society.”

“When we said, ‘Never Again,’ we meant it.” Porter added, “Israel doesn’t ‘occupy’ the land, they OWN it, and we stand with their right to defend themselves.”

“In addition to Columbia University and UCLA, our messages of solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters will also reach the University of Southern California (USC), Harvard, the University of Texas, and the University of Michigan.” Porter declared, “We’re just getting started!”

“We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and put our faith to action here at home,” stated Porter. “The Jewish Lives Matter movement has just begun.”

Check upcoming flights and join the movement at Founding leaders include:
• “We must take this stand now, and never forget what has been done to the Jewish people, and never retreat from our stand with them,” declared Rick Joyner, founder MorningStar Ministries.

• “In the 1930s, Hitler Youth used the exact same tactics on Germany’s university campuses and we will not allow that to continue in America,” stated Mark Gurley of Transformation Michigan. “One holocaust was more than enough.”

• “In America, from sea to shining sea, we need to let our Jewish students know we love and support them,” said Glenn Story, Patriot Mobile’s CEO.

• “University officials should stand up to these juvenile delinquents and keep their campuses safe or face termination,” declared Ramiro A. Peña of Christ the King Church in Waco, TX.

(SOURCE: Faith2Action Ministries via Christian Newswire)

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