GriefShare Featured in Second Season of ‘Going Home’ Series

GriefShare, the globally recognized Christian grief support group, is honored to announce its inclusion in the upcoming second season of AFFIRM Originals’ popular series “Going Home.” This collaboration stems from a personal connection: the series creator and director, Dan Merchant, turned to a GriefShare group for support after the loss of his father and found it instrumental in his healing journey.

“Going Home” is a touching, episodic series that follows an inspiring team of hospice nurses who guide patients and loved ones on the ultimate journey—the transition from this world to their forever home. It’s often a race against time as the team helps their clients find peace and resolve with compassion and dignity before passing. The series has earned acclaim for its authentic portrayal of end-of-life care and its powerful messages of hope and strength even in loss. In its eagerly anticipated second season, the series will delve into themes of loss, bereavement, and the journey towards healing, while highlighting how GriefShare aids individuals as they grieve.

As the world’s leading faith-based grief support group, GriefShare’s involvement in “Going Home” Season 2 presents a unique opportunity to showcase the impact and significance of faith-based support during the grieving process. This portrayal aligns with GriefShare’s work to provide God’s comfort, support, and hope to those mourning the loss of a loved one.

Speaking about this collaboration, Dan Merchant said, “GriefShare was my haven in a storm of grief. Featuring it in ‘Going Home’ is a tribute to the solace and understanding it offers to countless individuals like myself.”

By appearing in “Going Home,” GriefShare hopes to bring greater visibility to the crucial support that support groups provide and to emphasize the importance of leaning on one’s faith and community when navigating the complexities of grief. This portrayal is expected to resonate with viewers who have experienced loss and with those who are currently journeying through grief, offering them insights into the benefits of joining a GriefShare support group.

Episode 1 & 2 of “Going Home” Season 2 are now streaming on Great American Pure Flix, with additional episodes releasing each Friday through February 2. “Going Home” is a series that not only entertains but also offers deep insights into the power of healing through community, compassion, and faith in God.

GriefShare is a renowned international network of Christian grief support groups
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