Lee University’s Alpha Gamma Chi Sets World Record

Cleveland, TN—Alpha Gamma Chi, a men’s social service club at Lee University, completed 120 hours of continuous play of a softball game to set a new world record. Incorporating their fall break at Lee, the group completed the marathon game between October 12-17.

Founded in 1963, Alpha Gamma Chi (Chi) has now broken the record on three occasions. In 1986, a group of 20 Chi members set a new record by playing 100 straight hours. A second successful attempt took place in 2005, eclipsing the record of that time. In the years since 2005 the record was broken by another organization, of which the current group of Chi members this week surpassed by more than five hours.

Each time the effort has attracted media attention and raised thousands of dollars for worthwhile causes. This time Chi members chose to benefit the 2024 Youth World Evangelism Action (YWEA) project sponsored by the Church of God’s Youth and Discipleship Department.

Members of Alpha Gamma Chi celebrate their world record accomplishment on October 16, 2023 displaying a check representing the over $45,000 raised for YWEA (click photo to enlarge)

“Church of God Youth and Discipleship is so proud of Lee University’s Alpha Gamma Chi for their commitment to not only break the Guinness World record by playing 120 hours of softball, but by partnering with YWEA,” stated Rob Bailey, international director and former member of Alpha Gamma Chi. Bailey went on to explain the 2024 project involves three countries in Austral Asia includes the planting of a church in Sydney, Australia, ministering to the needs of the homeless in Fiji, and building a suicide prevention clinic in New Zealand. The attempt raised over $45,000 for the project, of which more can be learned by visiting www.cogyd.org/ myywea.

The game was staged on Lee University’s Jack Souther Field. At the conclusion of the record at 7:00 pm on October 16, several hundred students were present to celebrate the occasion, including Lee President Dr. Mark Walker and several former members of Alpha Gamma Chi. At least three members of the 1986 team were on hand to commemorate the occasion. To make the attempt official for the record, the game was played continuously, but with limited breaks. An official scorekeeper had to be present at all times, documenting each player and inning. The final score between the Burgundy and Gray teams surpassed nearly 1,000 runs for each side.

Alpha Gamma Chi will be celebrating their 60th anniversary next month during the Lee University Homecoming festivities set for November 3-5.

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