International Council in Session This Week

Cleveland, TN—The Church of God International Council, a group of global leaders that meets every two years, opened their 2023 session on Sunday, September 24, at the International Offices.

ORU Celebrates 10th Anniversary of President William M. Wilson

Tulsa, Okla.– On September 20, 2013, Dr. William M. Wilson was inaugurated as the fourth president of Oral Roberts University (ORU). Since taking office, Wilson has piloted the largest campus expansion in the University’s history, raising more than $175 million that has and is funding six new buildings (debt-free without tuition dollars).

La Conferencia Hispana de Biola Inspirará y Educará a los Líderes de la Iglesia Local

La Mirada, CA–Con un aumento global de los problemas de salud mental, los líderes de la iglesia se encuentran en un momento crucial de la historia para liderar y cuidar a los demás, pero para ello, los pastores también deben renovarse.