Church of God in Hawaii Affected by Wildfires

Lahaina, Hawaii–The state of Hawaii is being devastated by wildfires driven by high winds which continue to feed five separate fires, particularly on the island of Maui. As of Thursday morning, August 10, reports revealed at least 36 deaths and over 270 structures lost or damaged in and around the historic town of Lahaina.

What Would Jesus Say About Today’s Retail Theft Epidemic?

You’ve probably seen the videos of thieves filling trash bags with stolen merchandise from CVS or walking out of Home Depot or Wal-Mart with armloads of tools, laptops, detergent and athletic shoes they didn’t pay for.

PJI Announces Third Washington State Office

In order to meet the growing requests for assistance, we are proud to announce that—effective today—Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) has opened a third office in the State of Washington.