Declaration of Faith Sunday Set for January 8, 2023

This Sunday, January 8, 2023, has been declared “Declaration of Faith Sunday” in the Church of God by General Overseer Timothy M. Hill.
The Church of God first adopted the Declaration of Faith, which contains 14 brief statements, in 1948 as its “official expression of Church of God belief.”

Pro-life Groups Launch Private Investigation to Find Vandals

A pro-life pregnancy center firebombed by pro-abortion terrorists last year has announced a partnership with a noted law firm to conduct an independent investigation searching for the perpetrators of the violence as it continues to characterize the federal government’s response to the attacks as lackluster.

BOOKCOACH.US — Helping to Forge Your Legacy

Based upon contemporary analysis, IBISWorld, (a global industry research establishment) notes that global publishing is now a $119 billion market, boasting more than 16,000 companies that frequent the industry. How can an author navigate a narrative this complex, and find their way through such a forbidding landscape to make demographic, economic, and market analytics work on their behalf and forge their legacy in the publishing profession?