Brooks Elected for Second Term as Cleveland Mayor

Cleveland, TN–Rev. Kevin Brooks, an ordained bishop in the Church of God, was recently re-elected as mayor of the City of Cleveland, Tennessee.

Poll: Most Evangelicals Say Worshiping Alone is a ‘Valid Replacement’ for Church Attendance

For the first time, a biennial survey has found that most Evangelical Christians in the United States believe that worshiping alone or only with one’s family can be a valid substitute for going to church, a possible effect of widespread closures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Non-Profit Launches Bible Video Game, Takes Aim at Lowering Teen Suicides

A non-profit Bible video game publisher, Foundation for Intelligent Media & Design (IMD Interactive), recently announced that its first video game, The Anointed: David Saves Keilah (DSK) will be available to download Thursday, September 22nd on Steam.