Historical Commission Announces Conn Historical Writing Award Winners

The Church of God Historical Commission recently announced the winners of the Charles W. Conn Historical Writing Award. The 2020-2022 award winners are Dr. Clifton Clarke and Dr. Wayne Solomon for their co-edited book, Skin Deep: Pentecostalism, Racism, and the Church (Lanham, MD: Seymour Press, 2021), and Rev. Dr. Xenobia Poitier-Anderson for her article, “A Quiet Giant: Harcourt Garfield Poitier,” Church of God Evangel, 111, no. 1 (Jan/Feb 2021).

Shifting the Perspective on Christian Singleness

Our culture often makes us feel like our lives aren’t complete without romance, sex, a spouse, or at least, a significant other. Single Isn’t Second-Best—a new release by Philip Wilder and C.E. White—pushes back against that idea.

Book Presents Latest on State of Church Giving

Fact: Church member giving declined in 2019, the year before the COVID pandemic took off, according to data published in empty tomb’s latest edition, The State of Church Giving through 2019: Serve God with Money At-Scale or Serve Money (January 2022).