Smoky Mountain Winterfest Fast Approaching

The countdown to Smoky Mountain Winterfest is on! With less than 200 days, the best time to register before this life-changing gathering sells out is now!

Californians Oppose Proposition 1

The results of a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen make it crystal clear that a vast majority of California voters do not support what Proposition 1 promises – abortion on demand until the point of birth.

This poll was not a fishing expedition for the opinions of conservative pro-life voters. In fact, 70% of respondents identified as either Democrat or “Other” and just 30% identified as Republican.

Overall, this poll revealed that 79% of all likely voters in California believe that the state should limit abortion, and 82% of that group believe that abortion should be limited to within the first six months of pregnancy.

According to the poll:

32 percent say abortion should be legal up to three months of a pregnancy

19 percent say abortion should be legal up to the first month of pregnancy

14 percent say abortion should be legal up to six months of a pregnancy

14 percent say abortion should be illegal at any point during a pregnancy

Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute, underscored the poll’s findings by stating, “Proposition is 1 is a cruel and extreme ‘solution’ to a problem that doesn’t exist. Even pro-choice voters oppose legalizing late-term, taxpayer funded abortion for any reason up until birth. Abortion on demand is not the answer voters are looking for.”

(Source: Capitol Resource Institute via Christian Newswire)

New Book: The Freedom Experience

PJM Publishing is incredibly pleased to announce the book launch of “The Freedom Experience: A Practical Guide to Deliverance and Emotional Healing” from Patrick Jaiyeoba, Minister of Deliverance, Emotional, and Physical Healing trained and certified by the Global Awakening College of Ministry.