Historical Commission Announces Conn Historical Writing Award Winners

The Church of God Historical Commission recently announced the winners of the Charles W. Conn Historical Writing Award. The 2020-2022 award winners are Dr. Clifton Clarke and Dr. Wayne Solomon for their co-edited book, Skin Deep: Pentecostalism, Racism, and the Church (Lanham, MD: Seymour Press, 2021), and Rev. Dr. Xenobia Poitier-Anderson for her article, “A Quiet Giant: Harcourt Garfield Poitier,” Church of God Evangel, 111, no. 1 (Jan/Feb 2021).

Shifting the Perspective on Christian Singleness

Our culture often makes us feel like our lives aren’t complete without romance, sex, a spouse, or at least, a significant other. Single Isn’t Second-Best—a new release by Philip Wilder and C.E. White—pushes back against that idea.

Book Presents Latest on State of Church Giving

Fact: Church member giving declined in 2019, the year before the COVID pandemic took off, according to data published in empty tomb’s latest edition, The State of Church Giving through 2019: Serve God with Money At-Scale or Serve Money (January 2022).

Smoky Mountain Winterfest Fast Approaching

The countdown to Smoky Mountain Winterfest is on! With less than 200 days, the best time to register before this life-changing gathering sells out is now!

Californians Oppose Proposition 1

The results of a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen make it crystal clear that a vast majority of California voters do not support what Proposition 1 promises – abortion on demand until the point of birth.

This poll was not a fishing expedition for the opinions of conservative pro-life voters. In fact, 70% of respondents identified as either Democrat or “Other” and just 30% identified as Republican.

Overall, this poll revealed that 79% of all likely voters in California believe that the state should limit abortion, and 82% of that group believe that abortion should be limited to within the first six months of pregnancy.

According to the poll:

32 percent say abortion should be legal up to three months of a pregnancy

19 percent say abortion should be legal up to the first month of pregnancy

14 percent say abortion should be legal up to six months of a pregnancy

14 percent say abortion should be illegal at any point during a pregnancy

Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute, underscored the poll’s findings by stating, “Proposition is 1 is a cruel and extreme ‘solution’ to a problem that doesn’t exist. Even pro-choice voters oppose legalizing late-term, taxpayer funded abortion for any reason up until birth. Abortion on demand is not the answer voters are looking for.”

(Source: Capitol Resource Institute via Christian Newswire)

New Book: The Freedom Experience

PJM Publishing is incredibly pleased to announce the book launch of “The Freedom Experience: A Practical Guide to Deliverance and Emotional Healing” from Patrick Jaiyeoba, Minister of Deliverance, Emotional, and Physical Healing trained and certified by the Global Awakening College of Ministry.

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