Summer Camp Meeting Schedule Released

For the first time in two years, most Church of God summer camp meeting events are scheduled to take place in the traditional sense. As the nation emerges from what is hoped is the last vestiges of the Covid-19 pandemic, states and regions have released plans for a more inclusive and “normal” camp meeting season.

Churches Returning to Pre-Pandemic Normal—But With One Major Change

As government regulations from the COVID-19 pandemic have begun to wane, houses of worship across the country are lifting their rules and returning to normal practices.

National Prayer Luncheon Held in Dallas

Live Action, an organization reporting, investigating, and influencing public opinion for life, has been named the winner of the 2022 National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Award and given a $50,000 grant for their continued pro-life work.

Church of God, Bridge Builders Partner in Alabama Event

Selma and Montgomery, Ala.— Church of God leaders and laity gathered for the historic Montgomery/Selma Experience event hosted by Bridge Builders Network on Thursday, March 24. The day was filled with listening, learning, and camaraderie amongst attendees.

More Service Members Seek Relief in Navy SEAL 1 Case

Liberty Counsel has filed another temporary restraining order on behalf of 22 military plaintiffs in Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin who face immediate discipline, including those on Wednesday, March 23, after their religious accommodation requests were denied from the COVID shot mandate.

Texas Group Delivers $200K+ Ukrainian Assistance

Texas-based Christian ministry and nonprofit organization ServingHIM (Healthcare International Ministries) announced today the organization has received a new $108K donor match from a local benefactor as part of its ongoing campaign to support Ukrainian refugees at the borders between Romania and Moldova. Volunteers from ServingHIM’s partner churches and clinics are providing food, housing, supplies, transportation, and comfort to refugees there right now.

World Missions Gives Update on Ukraine

Director of Church of God World Missions, Dr. David Griffis, recently offered the following report on the denomination’s response to the crisis in Ukraine during a streamed event to Church of God ministers:

Instead of Spreading Last-Days Fever, Let’s Share Jesus

As if the COVID-19 pandemic weren’t enough to spark fears of the end of the world, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine poured gasoline on this fire. Everywhere I go Christians ask me if we are on the verge of World War III. And most of them don’t like my answer: I don’t know. But I’m not worried. I’m keeping my eyes on Jesus no matter what happens!

Group Applauds Governor for Signing ‘Heartbeat Bill’

BOISE, Idaho — Stanton Healthcare is celebrating Gov. Brad Little’s signing of Senate Bill 1309 which amends the Fetal Heartbeat Preborn Child Protection Act that was passed last year. The new bill includes a private enforcement mechanism modeled after the Texas law which has already withstood several federal court challenges, including not being blocked by the U.S. Supreme Court or the state of Texas’ Supreme Court.

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