Michigan Church of God Celebrates Centennial

The year was 1921. Detroit was starting to mass produce automobiles, Henry Ford was selling his Model T for $410, and the Church of God entered the Pleasant Peninsula! At the 1921 General Assembly, Efford Haynes was appointed as Overseer of Ohio and Michigan, and soon afterward a congregation was organized in Detroit and another in the Upper Peninsula town of Bessemer.

Largest-Ever Bible Translation Effort Demonstrates ‘Power of One Verse’

What may be the largest-ever Bible translation campaign on social and digital media is inviting people to join one of the most inspirational “crowd-funding” opportunities in the world — and demonstrate the “power of one verse” to change a life forever.

‘Courageous Faith’ in Middle East

A veteran Christian media pioneer who lived through rocket attacks and car bombings in war-torn Beirut, Lebanon, says Christians in the Middle East have never been more willing to risk everything to put their faith on display.