Lee Celebrates Walker’s Presidential Inauguration

Cleveland, TN–Lee University formally inaugurated Dr. Mark L. Walker as its 17th president on Friday, April 23.

Open Doors USA Warns of Escalating Religious Persecution in Africa

Nigeria hosts the highest rate of religiously-motivated violence in the world, and, according to religious freedom watchdog group Open Doors USA, a new caliphate is emerging in the region of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Bible Translation Movement Eyes Scripture Access for All Deaf Sign Languages by 2033

A newly launched movement to make the Bible available in every language in the next 12 years is also aiming to reach 70 million Deaf people who use visual sign language to communicate.

Delmarva-DC Renovates SMCH Cottage

Sevierville, Tenn.–Officials with the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home (SMCH), have announced that in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, a major renovation project has taken place on the campus. The announcement comes jointly from Dr. Walt Mauldin, executive director of SMCH, and his wife, Tammie, who serves as Public Relations and Development Director.

Podcast Reaches 1 Million Downloads, Becoming Top Parent Resource

Parents, grandparents, pastors, pediatricians, educators, and counselors across the world are loving Raising Boys and Girls, which reached 1 million downloads this spring. Releasing weekly each Tuesday, the podcast, which has garnered more than 900 5-star ratings on iTunes, tackles top-of-mind topics in parenting from consistency and patience to connection and freedom.

ChinaAid Releases 2020 Annual Persecution Report

Today, China Aid Association released its 2020 Annual Persecution Report documenting the last year in state-mandated religious persecution of Chinese Christians.

Doctrine and Polity Committee Releases Timely Paper

The Church of God Doctrine and Polity Committee has released the latest in its series of documents that address contemporary and cultural issues.

New Christian Social Media Platform: frankspeech.com

Mike Lindell is an inspiration, not just because he always has hope but because he is always careful to give God the glory and honor for everything.

Why Believers Need to Return to the Simplicity of the Gospel

The body of Christ needs a massive overhaul when it comes to certain doctrines, and we need to return to the simplicity of the gospel. Though I use the word simplicity, I’m well aware that there is tremendous and complex depth to the gospel, and it will take endless ages to search out such understanding.

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