First Virtual Congress on Latino Ministerial Education

On March 1 of this year, Hispanic Educational Ministries in the U.S. and Canada held the first Virtual Congress on Latino Ministerial Education. The central theme of the event was Revitalization of Education. The main purpose of the virtual educational summit was to offer contemporary pedagogical tools as well as practices to all the membership and leadership interested in advancing the teaching of the Word of God in this postmodern century.

Organization Addresses Vaccine Questions Among Evangelicals

In light of a new Pew Research study showing White Evangelicals are the least likely demographic to get the COVID-19 vaccination followed by Black Protestants, Redeeming Babel created Christians and the Vaccine, a resource with trustworthy and reliable information to address the most common spiritual questions about the vaccines.

Truth & Liberty Coalition: Resource for Truth in the Public Square

Truth & Liberty Coalition, Inc. is a non-profit based in Woodland Park, Colorado established to educate, unify and mobilize believers in Jesus Christ to stand for truth in the public square.