Hill Presents Sermons to Research Center

March 9, 2021–Cleveland, TN–General Overseer Tim Hill hosted officials from the Dixon Pentecostal Research Center today to present original sermon manuscripts of his, and his late father, Rev. J.W. Hill. The donation will be added to a growing collection of sermon materials housed at the DPRC.

Operation Rescue Requests Investigation into ‘Abortion Pill’ Complications

Operation Rescue has requested a full investigation into what appears to be a failure by Ohio abortion facilities to accurately report complications experienced by women who took the abortion pill — not only in 2020, but going back several years.

Animal Rights Activists Among ‘Friends’ in Pro-Lifers’ Appeal

In a rare show of solidarity, six groups with differing political and ethical views have filed amicus or “friend of the court” briefs asking the Ninth Circuit to overturn a jury verdict and multi-million dollar judgment against the pro-lifers who exposed Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in baby parts.