Nichols and Gregory Honored with Spirit of Azusa Award

Earlier this month, the Dixon Pentecostal Research Center honored Dr. John D. Nichols and Dr. John M. Gregory with the Spirit of Azusa Award. The Research Center presented the awards in conjunction with its fifteenth annual Azusa Lecture. For the first time, the Leadership and Communications Center of the Church of God International Offices in Cleveland, Tennessee, hosted the live-streamed event. Both the presentation of the Spirit of Azusa Awards and the Azusa Lecture highlighted benevolence ministries in recognition of the centennial of the Church of God’s oldest benevolence ministry—the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home.

‘Forgotten Christmas’ Showers Life-Changing Gifts On World’s Poor

With Christmas spending in the U.S. on target to hit a trillion dollars this year, a leading humanitarian agency is urging Americans not to forget the world’s poor.

A Great Revival Is Coming to America

The “Washington for Jesus” event in 1980 became a turning point for a nation reeling from the Vietnam War, Watergate, Roe v. Wade and the feckless presidency of Jimmy Carter. A 20-year-old Jonathan Cahn was there and deeply moved. Forty years later Cahn, now a bestselling author and Messianic rabbi, had a vision to call America to return to God during an even darker period—once again on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.