Tent Meeting 2020: A Testimony

From October 4-9, 2020, a tent meeting took place on the same site as a historic Church of God revival in 1908. The following is a testimony of the week’s gathering by Dr. David Roebuck, director of the Pentecostal Research Center and a member of the Church of God Historical Commission:

When the Pandemic Is Over, Don’t Stay Disconnected From Church

Churches have been on lockdown for months. COVID-19 forced us to go virtual, and the pandemic has turned pastors into awkward television evangelists who preach to empty auditoriums using smartphones.

Personhood Alliance Announces Official Position on Vaccine Ethics

The national board of directors of the Personhood Alliance announced today its official position on vaccine ethics (www.personhood.org/vaccines). This announcement comes at a critical time, as vaccine development and other treatments for COVID-19 race forward and as new laws make it more difficult to claim moral and religious exemptions for vaccines that are produced or tested using the remains of aborted human beings.