Youth & Discipleship Continues Partnership with “See You at the Pole” Prayer Gatherings

For thirty years, “See You at the Pole”™ has been about one simple act—students in prayer. Perhaps there has never been a more important time than now to pray for students, school, communities and nations. SYATP is still about students uniting themselves in prayer before God, interceding for their generation, in particular asking God to do three things: “Return. Restore. Revive.”

Franklin Graham to Lead Prayer March 2020 in Nation’s Capital

On Saturday, Sept. 26, Franklin Graham will lead thousands of people from across the United States in a prayer march on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Graham is urging Americans to come together to pray for our nation and our leaders—and to ask God to heal our land.

Attorney General Warns Religion Is Under Assault

Attorney General William Barr says religion in public life is under assault in America, leading to what he called “dire” consequences.