Church of God Looks Beyond Go FINISH 2020 Event

Early in 2018, General Overseer Tim Hill committed that the Church of God would become an ecumenical partner with one of the largest global outreach efforts ever with the goal of churches around the world joining together to share their faith with the lost during the month of May 2020. His desire was for every Church of God member, in every church, from each of the 185 countries where the Church of God has a presence, to join this effort by sharing Christ during the month of May.

Group Calls for July Fourth ‘Healing Wave’

Amid rising social tensions in the U.S., one organization today challenged Americans to “invite someone different” to their Fourth of July cookout, calling for a “healing wave” across the nation.

Prayer Vigil at the U.S. Capitol Building Calls for Solidarity

Faith leaders and human rights activists will hold a prayer vigil and public witness at the U.S. Capitol Building on Wednesday, July 1, at 12:00 PM as the group will be gathering on the west public sidewalk in front of the Capitol building on 1st St. NE and East Capitol St.