Church of God Helping to Reach Millions Through Israeli Radio Ministry

Galilee, Israel—Broadcasting from beautiful studios that sit on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Voice of Hope Radio broadcasts into the countries of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Cyprus, and Lebanon. Dr. Gary Hull, overseer for the Church of God in Israel and the Palestinian Authority Area, runs the ministry which reaches over 40 million Arabic listeners daily.

Mississippi Pastor Whose Church Was Burned Down Vows to Pray for Arsonist

In a commentary published Wednesday by USA Today, the Mississippi pastor whose sanctuary was burned to the ground said he and his congregants “will pray for the soul and peace of mind” of the person who set fire to their place of worship.

Why Is the Gift of Speaking in Tongues So Awkward?

Churches across the world will commemorate the day of Pentecost this next Sunday, whether they meet online or in their buildings. Most will celebrate the need for the Holy Spirit’s power, and they might read Acts 2:1-4, which tells how the Spirit’s flame rested on all the disciples who prayed in the upper room that day.