Ministerial Housing Allowance Determined to be “Payroll Costs”

Since the passage of the CARES Act on March 27, 2020, there has been much debate concerning whether ministerial housing allowance could be included as a part of “payroll costs.”

What First Century Christians Could Teach Us Today

Growing up in a country like America where we get to vote and influence the government, it’s difficult to imagine what it would feel like to live under an absolute monarchy. Or a tyrannical dictatorship. Or an oppressive, all-controlling regime. Yet the early followers of Jesus not only lived in such environments, but they flourished and grew. What can we learn from these early believers? What would they teach us today?

‘Medical Hero Week’ Inspires Girls, Honors Frontline Workers

White coats, gloves, and masks have become iconic symbols amid the current COVID-19 global crisis. American Heritage Girls (AHG) is hosting a week dedicated to honoring the medical professional “heroes” behind the coats, gloves, and masks with the organization’s first-ever AHG Medical Hero Week — April 27- May 1, 2020.

Kelvin Page Named Director of Operation Compassion

Cleveland, TN—The board of directors for Operation Compassion, an independent benevolent organization with roots in the Church of God, has unanimously named Kelvin Page as its new executive director.

New Poll Reveals Drop in Giving to Churches Since Pandemic

A new “State of the Plate” poll involving more than 1,000 churches across all 50 states shows that more than six out of 10 churches have seen a decline in offerings since the coronavirus outbreak began.

New Book Shows How to Embrace God’s Promises in Difficult Times

While Becky Eldredge sat and had one of her last conversations with her grandfather, he asked her for one thing: “Becksa, promise me you’ll tell people that they are not alone. Promise me you will not stop what you are doing and will keep sharing the Good News with others.”

Adult Discipleship Offers Resources for Current Times

Church of God Adult Discipleship exists to provide resources during all times, but with the current COVID-19 pandemic, the ministry is more equipped to assist as churches navigate these uncertain times.

Evangelism Is Possible—Even in a Pandemic

Two months before I ever heard the word “coronavirus,” I stopped at a convenience store near my house to fill up my car with gas. When I went inside to grab a few items, I noticed the clerk had a thick Indian accent. “What part of India are you from?” I asked.

Author Warns Church of ‘Exploding Loneliness and Porn Addiction’ Issues Imminent from COVID-19 ‘Isolation’

As U.S. coronavirus cases show signs of leveling off, a renowned Christian apologist today urged the church to prepare for an avalanche of new challenges.

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