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I have been asked, “What will the Church of God International Offices do to stand with and assist the local church and its pastor as we move through the Covid-19 crisis?” Specifically, I have been asked if it is possible to temporarily discontinue the tithe of tithes paid by local churches, as directed by the General Assembly, to the State/Region and International Offices. These are very appropriate and understandable questions. People are concerned, apprehensive, and right now, many are simply afraid. Again, this is completely understandable.

Jesus Alliance Prepares to Use Web App to Bring Hope

The Jesus Alliance announced today its merger with Needserv Ministries and the launch of a progressive web application built to allow churches and organizations the ability to collect and meet the needs of those within their communities. The project has been years in the making and was set to launch next month but was fast-tracked because of the global Covid-19 crisis.

New Film Explores Liabilities of Globalization

The world premiere for “The Reality,” the second installment of UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN’s Agenda for World Domination, will start Wednesday 25 March 2020 at 5PM Pacific (8PM Eastern). Current and prospective single-family home owners, farmers, real estate investors, historic property owners and impoverished and/or disarmed people around the world are invited to join UN skeptics and UN apologists to screen Part II of this 2-part mini series.