New Changes to Overtime Rules Adopted

Many church leaders think that the “wage and hour” laws, and particularly overtime pay rules, do not apply to churches. That could not be further from the truth. Churches and church employees are NOT exempt from the “wage and hour” laws – and failure to obey such could result in substantial penalties to the church. To get around these laws, many churches have often wrongly “exempted” their employees from the law.

Don’t Be Afraid to Let Holy Spirit Move

Last weekend, I preached at a church that meets in a big lecture hall on a university campus in Perth, Australia. Most of the congregation at Zion Praise Harvest Church consists of students from Singapore, China and Malaysia. Some of them met Jesus for the first time while in college.

Book Proposes New Concept of Time

Just when you decide to forget about it, along comes Terry McIntosh. He’s not a recognized name in the world of quantum physics but his exciting conclusions might change that. His theory of time and things mysterious may be destined to revolutionize Christian theology regarding creation and all things cosmic.