South Carolina Forum to be Livestreamed

As the final Global Ministry Forum events approach, one to be held next week will be broadcast livestream.

Bible Societies Responsible for 692 Translations

In 1800, 15-year-old Mary Jones was longing for a Bible of her own, in her own language, so she could read it whenever she wanted. After saving her pennies for six years, she began her trek to reach Thomas Charles, the only person selling a Bible translated into Welsh.

Book Uses Scientific Exploration to Make a Case for God

According to its publisher, “Not since the release of Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’ in 1859 has a book been published that has such high potential to change Western culture’s worldview and to reinstate God as an unquestioned fact.” Just released by The Oaklea Press Inc., “How Science Views God: What Everything Thinking Person Must Know,” draws upon the following to make the case for the existence of God and of intelligent design of both the universe and life: