Operation Compassion Update on Hurricane Dorian Relief

During the past two days, Operation Compassion (OC) has been busy implementing a plan to help the survivors of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. With the catastrophic nature of the hurricane damage, getting into the devastated areas without interfering with recovery efforts has been difficult.

Biblical Novel Brings Old Testament to Life

Fascinated by the power plays, epic battles, and supernatural forces of Tolkien’s trilogy, Star Wars, or Game of Thrones? Ever wished your inspirational reading could be as riveting? Trouble in the Ruins, the latest installment of the Stones of Gilgal biblical novels, opens a dramatic window into the turbulent times of Joshua that rivals contemporary films, yet shows the hand of God as He transforms the chaos and guides His covenant people.

Christian Politician Investigated for Posting Bible Verse

A Christian politician who is under police investigation for sharing a Bible verse on Facebook has spoken out about her shocking ordeal.