ENC to Dedicate New Sabbatical House Next Month

The Church of God in Eastern North Carolina is nearing completion of a house to accommodate the needs of pastors and their families in ministry.

Churches Host Changed by Love

On Saturday 10th August 2019, at Word of Life Church Woking, from 7.00-8.30 pm, some of those who have left LGBT identities and sexual practices in conflict with the Christian scriptures, will share their stories and discovery of new pathways when they had feared they had no alternative route, at the “Changed by Love” event. They now see themselves as ‘once-gay’.

China Pressures Christians to Be Quiet About Persecution

An article from La Croix recently reported that China is warning local Christians not to speak up about persecution. That call to silence is unnerving for a country with more frequent arrests and demolitions, increased censorship, and other intensive religious restrictions.