Generations Working Together for His Kingdom

In Deuteronomy 31:9-13, Moses, after writing an entire body of instructions from God in a book for the priests to place in the Ark of the Covenant, gives directions that the instructions be read every seven years to the people of Israel. In this passage of Scripture, Moses is commanding the children of Israel of all generations—both young and old—to be taught the law that God had laid out before them. In verse 13, he urges the older generation to, “Do this so that your children who have not known these instructions will hear them and will learn to fear the Lord your God.” (NLT)

God Wants to Put Jonathans in Your Life

A few days ago, I was dreading the upcoming weekend. I didn’t want to think about Father’s Day—partly because it was the second year since my father had died, and partly because my elderly mother’s health is failing. I honestly felt like crawling in a hole. But instead of stuffing my pain, I asked some of my friends to send me an encouraging text or video to cheer me up.

FEBC Radio Ministry Now Broadcasting Gospel in 124 Languages

Radio broadcaster FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company) has opened up the airwaves for millions of people in unreached regions to hear the gospel in their own language for the first time – now broadcasting in 124 languages, with more than 2.2 million individuals responding annually to the “good news.”