A History of the Evangel Magazine

When Church of God General Overseer A.J. Tomlinson recorded the minutes to the fourth General Assembly in 1909, he reported: “Some more thoughts advanced about a church paper but the assembly came to no conclusion.” Hidden in those words was the birth of The Church of God Evangel, now in its 109th year of ministry.

Apollo 11 Frogman Shares Rescue Story

John Wolfram will recount his Apollo 11 recovery experiences, including how it felt being the first man on earth to greet the astronauts. He will also be sharing his personal struggles coping with drugs and the controversial Vietnam War that led him to discover Jesus Christ.

New Book Aims to Stir Christian Seniors to ‘Live With Eternal Purpose’

A radical new book out today aims to shake up America’s laid -back retirement culture and launch a new wave of missions-driven seniors into God’s service.