Spiritual Gifts: Latest Release from Doctrine and Polity Committee

Members of the Church of God Doctrine and Polity (D&P) Committee have released the latest from their research on contemporary cultural topics. The paper, entitled, “The Operation of Spiritual Gifts,” was written by Dr. Jerald Daffe, Professor of New Testament at Lee University’s School of Religion and a member of the D&P Committee.

Veterans Home Bible Study Restored

Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) has secured the restoration of a Bible study for elderly residents of the Veterans Home of California. But PJI attorneys will continue to fight for full restoration of religious freedom in the Home.

Be BAD! Blessed, Anointed and Delivered Through Prayer

Christian Living Books, Inc. today announced the release of a new book by Phyllis Thomas: Be BAD! Blessed, Anointed and Delivered Through Prayer. “I wrote this book to share how important, viable and valuable prayer is to all believers,” says Phyllis. “I know with assurance our lives would be so powerful and blessed beyond what we could even imagine.”