Missionary Testifies of Miraculous Escape from Terror

The two men stood in front of him, hatchets in hand. They spat tobacco at his feet and dared him to cross their blockade.

The story sounds like a movie, but it was all too real for Church of God Heartland Region World Missions director Larry Odam.

Boy Who Came Back to Life After an Hour Shares Details of his Resurrection

One of the most amazing miracles I’ve ever heard of happened four years ago when a 14-year-old boy in St. Louis, Missouri, fell through the ice and died. He was underwater for 15 minutes and had no pulse for the next 45. This boy wasn’t saved at the time, but his mother was full of faith—enough to pray that God would bring her son back to life. And that’s exactly what God did.

School District Caught Hiding Teachings of Pederasty

After submitting an open records request, Capitol Resource Institute (CRI) has discovered that the Brea Olinda School District has included in their “comprehensive sexual education” curriculum the positive portrayal and teaching of pederasty; the act of adult sex with boys. However, the information on pederasty was withheld from district’s response to the formal request. The public wants to know what else are districts hiding?