Plans Underway for GO FINISH 2020 Outreach

A task force has been regularly meeting to plan strategy and resources for GO FINISH 2020, a worldwide movement that focuses on all believers sharing their faith on May 23, 2020.

‘Your Child’s Journey’ Provides Roadmap for Parents

Moms and Dads are taking a beating in the media these days. Dubbed “helicopter parents” for hovering over their little ones and being over-protective, they’ve also been called “lawnmower parents” for trying to clear their teen’s lives of adversity or struggle, and most recently named “snowplow parents,” for attempting to clear the path for their children’s futures with money and connections.

Christian Nurses Group Opposes ANA Position Statement

A draft statement by the American Nurses Association regarding a nurse’s role when a patient requests physician-assisted suicide corrupts the role of a nurse. The nursing profession has a historical record of assisting patients with comfort, increasing and/or sustaining quality of life, seeing life’s intrinsic value and providing holistic family support, not aiding in the death of their patients.