The Ministry Forums …Who Had This Bright Idea?

Some have asked, “Why are the Ministry Forums being conducted and are they really needed?” I’m certainly glad to offer the best answers I possibly can.

Hollywood Gives Abortion and R Rating

Hollywood, which worships at the altar of a woman’s “right” to abortion, is about to be shaken by a new movie. It is called Unplanned, and it tells the story of Abby Johnson, formerly a Planned Parenthood clinic director but today a passionate pro-life leader.

New Trilogy of Christian Novels Ideal Reading for Lent, Easter

Christian readers searching for an inspired choice for a book discussion group or their own Holy Week reading may want to consider a trilogy of critically acclaimed historical novels by author Barry Connolly. The series centers on the trials and triumphs of men and women of faith in the earliest days of Christianity. More information can be found at