Moores Inducted into PTS Hall of Prophets

On February 7, 2019, Dan and Finnabea Moore were inducted into the Pentecostal Theological Seminary Hall of Prophets. The induction ceremony, moderated by PTS President Michael Baker, convened at Living Waters Christian Fellowship in Fountain Valley, California, where Dan and Finnabea spent 38 years as lead pastor, and currently serve as Pastor Emeritus.

Racial Reconciliation Conference Seeks Healing

As Virginia politics is roiled by revelations about senior state officials having worn or countenanced blackface in past years, how America and its churches address racial sin remains an ongoing moral and spiritual imperative. Secular America stresses guilt without atonement. Churches advocate racial reconciliation but often seem to lack the spiritual tools to achieve their laudable goals for the church or the nation.

empty tomb®, inc. Invites People to send God a Valentine

Americans spent $18.2 billion on a recent Valentine’s Day, showing affection for the special ones in their lives.