Marriage and Family Cruise Planned

The Church of God Division of Education is planning an Enrichment Cruise for November 11-16, 2019. The cruise is the result of the need to create a special focus track in the Mobilize, Lay Ministry program for Marriage and Family and to provide additional training and resources for Marriage and Family.

Charismatic Media Mogul Ossie Mills Dies Suddenly

Ossie Mills, known for his work with Empowered 21, Oral Roberts University and new streaming platform tvChaz, died suddenly Tuesday.

Small Releases ‘The New Apostolic Epoch’

We are on the edge of an apostolic epoch destined to alter the face of the church. God is committed to His purposes, and there are times in history, when he charges ahead, dragging his people along, calling for us to follow boldly and bravely to places we have never gone before – we are in one of those times.