Three Friends Bring Friendship, Hope, and Healing to Prague

A team of three friends are bringing hope and healing to the city of Prague, Czech Republic. This city and country as a whole are predominantly atheist and can be a challenging place for ministry.

New York’s Abortion Law Is Cruel and Revolting

At the foot of the rebuilt World Trade Center in New York City, a somber 9/11 monument features the names of the 2,606 people who died in the terrorist attack. Besides those names, it also mentions 11 unborn children. The phrase “and her unborn child” is inscribed after the names of pregnant 9/11 victims.

National Marriage Week (February 7-14): How will you Celebrate?

Numerous studies show that marriage is the number one solution to poverty and that it helps children and families thrive. How will you highlight the importance of marriage during National Marriage Week (February 7-14)? National Marriage Week provides a non-commercial way to celebrate around Valentine’s Day and serves as an ideal time to highlight the importance of marriage for individuals, families, and our nation as a whole.