Church of God World Missions Summarizes Successful 2018

Church of God World Missions recently reported the highlights of the year 2018.

Operation Rescue Supports Funding Wall to Alleviate Border Crisis

Operation Rescue strongly supports funding the building of a wall at the southern border in order to alleviate a serious humanitarian crisis that is resulting in a boon for human sex traffickers and other criminals that are victimizing women and children by the thousands.

Organization Offers Sunday School Solutions

The need has never been greater for children to hear biblical truth and recognize the Bible for what it is—even children in church. Americans view of the Bible has shifted substantially in recent years, and the church is not immune. According to the Barna Group, “Millennials are half as likely as Elders to believe the Bible is the actual word of God and twice as likely to believe it is a manmade book of teachings and advice.” Sunday school teachers need all the help they can get as they seek to reverse this trend! That is why Child Evangelism Fellowship® has launched a new training ministry geared toward giving practical help to Sunday school teachers. Called Sunday School Solutions, it is a free video and article series available online.