The Legacy and Impact of Hispanic Educational Ministries

The Church of God Department of Hispanic Educational Ministries (HEM) in the United States and Canada, or its legal acronym USA HEM, is the unified ecosystem of biblical, ministerial, and theological education of the Church of God for all its constituents in the aforementioned countries.

How a Trip to the Holy Land Changed My Life

I traveled to Israel more than 20 years ago. But this month, my wife and I took a 13-day trip there with a group of American friends. I’d already seen the typical tourist sites in Jerusalem, and honestly, I was not looking forward to standing in long lines to see Jesus’ tomb. (Sometimes the Holy Land can feel like a religious version of Disney World—especially on crowded days.)

New Film Explores 2nd Amendment Issues

The World Premiere for GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS will start on Friday, November 30, 2018. The public and news organizations are invited to screen the 132-minute documentary at the premiere site at from 8PM – 3AM Eastern (5PM – 12 Midnight Pacific).