Church Wide Appeal for Disaster Funds Issued

CLEVELAND, TN—Devastating fires have been consuming regions of northern and southern California, displacing thousands of people, including more than 100 Church of God families.

Logos Bible Software Recommended by Christian Leaders

Trusted Christian leaders are recommending Logos 8 to their audiences, and we want to share some of what they have to say. Logos 8 is the latest release of the acclaimed Bible software from Faithlife, a technology and media company serving the Christian market.

University Groups Sues to Keep Christian Leadership

Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance’s chapter at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against the University for forcing the group to accept members that don’t support the group’s purpose and officers that don’t share the group’s beliefs. The university refused to grant Ratio Christi registered status because it only allows those who share and personally hold beliefs consistent with the group’s mission to serve as its leaders.