Prague Ministry Approved for Service

Jerry and Ulli Lillard, overseer for the Church of God of the Czech Republic, finally received an approved building inspection for a new church in Prague which has been in process the past couple of years.

New Book: ‘The Right to be Christian’

Elreta Dodds’ new book, “The Right to Be Christian in a Gay Rights America” (paperback) provides a biblical and constitutional defense against the persecution of Christians who do not support homosexuality and explains why their non-endorsement is a question of faith and religion, not of homophobia and bigotry. Dodds’ intent is not to castigate gays or inflame emotions, but rather to present a convincing argument as to why many Christians believe they cannot support the gay lifestyle.

Atheist Threatens Christian Filmmaker over Interview

Christian filmmaker Ray Comfort–whose award-winning movies have been seen by millions–decided not to release ten minutes of interview footage after being threatened with a lawsuit by famous magician and atheist Penn Jillette.