Operation Compassion Prepares for Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence has become a category 4 hurricane. While it is about 1,254 miles off the east coast of the U.S., forecasters are predicting a Thursday afternoon to evening landfall. Although it is a little early to know for certain where Florence will make landfall, most of the forecasts are pointing to a stretch of coast between Myrtle Beach, SC and The Outer Banks, NC. NOAA is predicting a catastrophic and life-threatening landfall with large surf or storm surge, catastrophic flooding and more than two feet of rain. As winds climb to 130 – 156 mile per hour or more devastating damage to homes, businesses and other structures are likely.

Churches Growing in Indonesia Despite Islamic Attacks

Millions of Indonesians are becoming Christians, often secretly as militants continue to kill devoted believers, according to an investigation by Christian news agency BosNewsLife. At least three to four million Christians “turned to Christ” over the past year, but the government refuses to recognize this trend in the world’s largest Muslim nation, said Christian officials with close knowledge about the situation.

A 9/11 Prayer to Prophesy God’s Justice Over the Land

This invocation was written by Jared Laskey and Jim Jenkins to be prayed by Pastor David Foote, M.Div., M.A., at a 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony in Norfolk, Virginia. David is the senior pastor of Family Bible Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia: