Planting Life-Giving Churches to Multiply the Kingdom

(Part 1 of 2)–Church of God USA Missions is devoted to spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and is dedicated to the mission of the FINISH Commitment to answer the call of the Great Commission. One way that USA Missions is answering that call is through church planting.

Book Reveals Trinity’s So-called Mystery

Church leaders have forever looked upon the Trinity as an everlasting mystery. However, those convictions are proven false in T.R. Bosse’s recently published book, The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed (Dove & Word Publishing). The book unravels details about how God became a man named Jesus and why the Trinity remained a mystery all those years. It also shows why it could never become completely understood until today’s advanced technology came about. The book showcases the Trinity as fully comprehensible to the extent that it answers every question ever asked about the topic.

4000 Women Join the #StillBeautiful Movement

On the heels of the movie by Amy Schumer, I Feel Pretty, Kelly Falardeau realizes the similarities of the underlying message between Schumer’s recent DVD release and her own personal Still Beautiful Documentary. The 2 similarities are that they both have a ‘talking mirror.’ One says positive words of affirmation, filling Schumer’s character with positive thoughts and feelings and the other mirror displayed in Falardeau’s Still Beautiful Documentary says mean words, such as “Ugly Scarface Girl.”