Youth and Discipleship Announces Regional Schools of Leadership

In 2017, International Youth and Discipleship leaders were approached by a few flagship churches that were seeking partnership in developing a new way to train young men and women that have recognized their call to ministry and have a desire to invest a season of their life in intense leadership development in the context of a thriving local church. After months of collaboration that included developing a strategic partnership with Lee University, the “Regional Schools of Leadership” platform was birthed earlier this year.

The Most Ridiculous Charismatic Doctrine We Ever Created

My friend Charles wanted a mentor. He was eager to learn the ropes of ministry, so he asked an older pastor for training. The pastor agreed—but Charles soon realized the man wanted a valet, not an apprentice. Charles became the man’s “armor bearer.”

‘Billy Graham Channel’ Will Become Permanent on SiriusXM

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is partnering with satellite radio provider SiriusXM for the launch of a permanent channel called “The Billy Graham Channel.” The channel will be headlined by the inspiring messages of the late world-renowned Christian evangelist and will feature his timeless sermons from his many years in ministry.