Spirit Led Ministry Seeks to Open Public Discourse on State of Relationships

Spirit Led Ministry, a marriage and relationship-focused ministry in Atlanta, is looking to initiate an open dialogue in response to the question: Why do a considerable number of marriages/relationships fail? Founded by Jacques and Toshia Posey, Spirit Led Ministry takes a refreshing, God-centered approach to healing marriages. By providing biblical counseling and coaching, Jacques and Toshia seek to help both couples and singles either prepare for marriage or strengthen their existing marriage based on God’s purpose.

400 Years of Racial Injustice: What the Church Needs to Do

On August 25, 2018, over 20,000 people came to Stone Mountain, the largest Confederate monument in the country, as part of the OneRace movement for racial healing and unity.

Resolutions Adopted at Recent International General Assembly

Seven separate resolutions were adopted during the 77th Church of God International General Assembly held earlier this month in Orlando, Florida.

McMahan Receives Service Award

Dr. Oliver McMahan, Professor of Counseling and Chair of the Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, was presented the 2018 ASERVIC Meritorious Service Award.

New Release Gets Back to ‘The Heart of Worship’

While churches have participated in congregational singing ever since the days after the Reformation, some say worship is turning into mere performance and a spectator event. In a new release, Worship Revealed: Never-Ending Reverence of Christ (Redemption Press), Tony Rinella agrees. Rinella, who has spent years on worship teams and as a worship leader says, “True worship is the humbling of self and the raising up of God—it is not a band of musicians staging a lavish show.” He adds, “We are created for God’s pleasure and are to glorify the Lord every day. Proper worship is an important part of our spiritual and personal relationship of love, thanks, and intimacy with God.”

Reynolds Appointed Director of Ministerial Development

Dr. Michael Reynolds has been appointed director of Ministerial Development in the Church of God Division of Education (DOE). The appointment was made earlier this month at the 77th International General Assembly and announced by Dr. Michael Baker, chancellor of the Division of Education. Reynolds officially began his duties this week.

Artists Transform Biola University Chapel

World renowned Danish artists Peter Brandes and Maja Lisa Engelhardt, who have been in large part responsible for a renaissance in Danish church interiors, brought their expertise to Biola University in Los Angeles to renovate a campus chapel. For the first time in their careers as artists, the married couple collaborated together to add a new dimension of sacred space, reverence, and beauty to Biola’s Calvary Chapel using unprecedented technology.

Christian Human Rights Lawyer Still Missing One Year Later

A year ago, the brother of persecuted Chinese human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng went to the attorney’s apartment, where he was under house arrest in China’s Shaanxi province, only to discover him gone. To this day, no one knows where he is.

‘Big Picture’ Conference Planned for State/Regional Leaders

“Spiritual Renewal and Big Picture Leadership,” a conference for state and regional leaders in the Church of God, has been set for September 12-14, 2018 in Cleveland, Tennessee.

How the Hawaii Attorney General Got It Wrong in His “Guidance” to Churches on Political Activity

The upcoming election season seems to have government officials in Hawaii on edge.

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