Operation Compassion Assists with Meals to South Sudan

In 2011, South Sudan gained independence from Sudan after a 25 year civil war. Shortly after the celebration of liberation, the ruling political party divided and began infighting. By 2013, the political fighting devolved into street violence in the capital city and in many major cities across South Sudan and another civil war broke out leaving thousands fleeing for their lives. In 2017, government and world officials declared a famine throughout South Sudan as millions of people, mostly children, were starving to death.

Ninth Circuit Forbids School Board Invocations

The Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals ruled this week that the Chino Valley Unified School District board policy that allows invocations before the start of school board meetings is a violation of the Establishment Clause. The Fifth Circuit federal Court of Appeals came to a different conclusion in 2017 in American Humanist Association v. McCarty.

America’s Favorite Neighbor: the Touching Film ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’

Celebrate the power of kindness and joy in the uplifting documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, arriving on Digital and the all-new digital movie app MOVIES ANYWHERE on August 21, 2018 and on Blu-ray™, DVD and On Demand on September 4, 2018 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

Tim Hill Pens New Book ‘The Speed of Favor’

Church of God General Overseer Tim Hill has written a new book which addresses how God “exceeds, increases, and accelerates your life.”

What’s the Rudest Thing People Do in Church?

It doesn’t bother me anymore when I hear a phone ringing during a church service. Welcome to life in the 21st century. But I was shocked recently when I heard a blaring ringtone while I was preaching—and a woman on the second row pulled her phone out of her purse and began a conversation as if she were in the waiting room of a hair salon.

Facebook Censors John 3:16, ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ and the Resurrection

A pastor says, “Facebook is blocking almost everyone from seeing John 3:16, ‘The Old Rugged Cross,’ the resurrection of Jesus Christ and my other posts.” Pastor Steven Andrew has a sizeable audience, with 467,000 people liking his page. Yet, Facebook showed these posts to only hundreds of people each. (The number will be higher with media coverage.)