World Missions Partners with YWEA

For many years, the youth of the Church of God, tens of thousands of students, have joined with their youth leaders and pastors throughout the Church of God denomination to impact the world for Christ through YWEA (Youth World Evangelism Action).

‘Paul:’ A Different Kind of Superhero Movie

Back in the old days, Hollywood gave us big-screen Bible epics every year around Easter. Ben-Hur, The Robe and The Greatest Story Ever Told offered chariot races, clashing swords, sweeping musical scores and colorful Roman costumes—along with some overacting and cheesy religious sentimentality.

Redemption is Contagious

Following Dr. Matthew Chavis’ appearance on The 700 Club, there were 164 salvations and 122 re-dedications from the ministry out of his story. His testimony led to other media appearances such as a profound and in-depth piece in God Reports, spurring further salvations and cries for help.