CityLife Church to Host RISE 2018

RISE is a free conference for church leaders scheduled for April 19 and 20 at the CityLife Church in Tampa. Florida.

Survey Shows New Movement for Pastors is Multiplication

The next generation of church pastors is aiming to grow via outreach by multiplying sites and congregations. This is just one of the findings of a new report from Leadership Network, the premiere think tank and networking organization for North America’s most innovative churches. While some church commentators seem to be obsessed with a narrative of decline among churches, this report highlights the renewal coming among younger generations of leaders.

Documentary Shares a Celebration of Creation

On March 19, in a one-night, cinematic event, moviegoers will have the chance to dive deep into nature, appreciate the wonders of the animal kingdom and discover the world around us in a bold, new way. A celebration of creation and the Creator, “The Riot and the Dance” is a family-friendly nature and science documentary showcasing the vast and beautifully intricate planet on which we live.