USA Missions Has Successful Prison Ministry Conference

The 2017 Jail and Prison Ministry Conference brought a record number of 101 delegates to Cleveland, Tennessee, for their one-day conference on October 6. The delegates represented two pastors, one state USA Missions director, and a handful of departmental staff and leaders; but the majority were men and women whose calling from God is a Matthew 25:40, “Unto the least of these” calling to go behind jail and prison walls, sharing the love of Jesus with the incarcerated.

Operation Save America Press Conference Set for Governor’s Mansion in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — From Nov. 1-4, Operation Save America will conduct a regional event. The theme for this conference is called “Leaders a Time like This Demands!” There will be rallies held for four nights from Wednesday, Nov. 1st-Saturday, Nov. 4th, at the Aletheia Church, 7816 S. Madison Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46227. The rallies start at 6:30 p.m. and all our welcome to attend.

Is Clapping in Church Sacrilegious?

Have you ever questioned whether you should clap when the worship team is done with its set? I know that in most Western churches, this is unheard of. But would you clap if you went to a concert and saw musicians play their hearts out with the same level of excellence and passion? Why do we separate the two? Why is it culturally acceptable outside of the church for people’s talents to be celebrated, but inside the church, that would be seen as proud or stealing glory from God?