Ministerial Housing Allowance Held Unconstitutional

As expected, a federal district court judge in Wisconsin has ruled that the ministerial housing allowance violates the Constitution. However, according to Art Rhodes, President and CEO of the Church of God Benefits Board, Inc., the ruling only deals with the housing allowance where ministers are provided cash to rent or purchase a home, and leaves fully intact, at least for now, the tax-free use of parsonages.

God Has a Truckload of Grace for You

Earlier this week, I felt overwhelmed by anxiety. The worry was mostly caused by financial pressure and by a nagging fear of failure. I tried my best to put into words my fears and frustrations, but my prayers were basically a series of groans.

Rain Falls as Women Rise Up on D.C. Mall

In a markedly different “Women’s March” from the one the day after the 2017 presidential inauguration, women responded to a clarion call from Lou Engle of and gathered on the D.C. Mall to RISE UP and pray in the rain yesterday.