Pentecostal Theological Seminary Joins World Missions Effort

Acting on an invitation to speak at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary during an emphasis on missions, Church of God World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis presented the Send the Light to the Cities project during a chapel at the seminary. He spoke for a time as to how the Lord opened his mind and heart to focus on these urban areas where the most people are gathered.

Ex-Satanist Saved by God

We’ve all heard miraculous redemption stories about people straying away from God and returning, but none quite like Jacob McKelvy’s. What makes his story so different? Jacob is the first confirmable satanic leader to be reborn into Christianity.

Learning How to Flourish in God’s Economy

When the unprecedented turmoil of the world’s current economics is most troubling, Secrets of the Kingdom Economy comes at the perfect time, offering a compelling look at a practical biblical worldview of commerce and economics. This timely book not only provides a clear understanding of the economic times of today, but delivers realistic, Kingdom solutions for everyday life.