Smoky Mountain Children’s Home Receives Donation of 85 Bicycles

Sevierville, TN– It was a festive occasion, and the evening was filled with fun, awards, and good food as everyone enjoyed the Christmas banquet at Smoky Mountain Children’s Home.

Secrets Unlocked from Ancient Scroll

The Assemblies of God Center for Holy Lands Studies (CHLS) provides a regular column to PE News that offers deep and sometimes surprising insight into the Word of God through close examination of the culture of the day, biblical sites, and archaeological records. In this article, Wave Nunnally, Ph.D., professor of Early Judaism and Christian Origins at Evangel University and a regular instructor in Israel for CHLS, examines the significance of what was recently found in the Ein Gedi scroll and the technology that allows it to be read.

Report: Administration Drafts ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Action

The Trump administration may seek to dramatically expand what defines a religious organization and offer broad protections to individuals and organizations that oppose same-sex marriage, contraception coverage and more on the basis of religion, according to a draft copy of an executive order obtained by The Investigative Fund and The Nation.